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Salmon Catcher Lodge

This area supports the largest and perhaps most diverse freshwater sport fishing opportunities in the State of Alaska. Kenai River fisheries for king, sockeye and coho salmon are the largest freshwater sport fisheries for these species in Alaska. Resident species such as rainbow trout, Dolly Varden/Arctic char, Arctic grayling, lake trout and steelhead trout also provide popular fishing opportunity in lakes and flowing waters. Pink salmon runs to rivers, streams and creeks occur in large numbers during even-numbered years.

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The Alaska Department of Fish and Game also stocks 27 lakes in which the species stocked varies by lake; however includes rainbow trout, landlocked salmon, Arctic grayling and Arctic char. River fisheries occur for a variety of species from motorized boats, non-motorized drift boats and from the riverbanks. Fishing area lakes is popular from both motorized and non-motorized boats and canoes.

For good reason the Kenai River is the most well-known fishing destination in the area. From its source at the outlet of Kenai Lake at Cooper Landing the Kenai flows 80 miles to Cook Inlet and offers anglers both early- and late-run king, sockeye, coho and pink salmon as well as superb fishing for rainbow trout. Other popular flowing waters that support differing fishing experiences as well as great salmon fishing or fishing for resident species include: Kasilof, Russian and Swanson rivers as well as Resurrection Creek.